Halloween Tricks and Treats For 2013

Once more we see the Scream mask, we will scream with irritation! The usual spooks like Angels, Devils, etc. are so done!!! So here’s what’s super cool this year.

1. Vampires: Due to the Twilight/True Blood syndrome, Vampires are totally hot. Werewolves, even more crazzy!


Hmm…So How to Look like a Vampire?

You need creepy colored contact lenses, dark circles under the eyes (most Indians are gifted with these), and some ketchup or red paint for the bloody effect. Along with these a cape or all black costume, and long fingernails would just add to the creepiness! Hikkies welcome.

2. Celebrities can be pretty freaky too! We are not talking Rakhi Sawant, please that is not just freaky….but close to impossible. Botox isn’t for everyone you see.

Think Lady Gaga with her acid blonde wig, crazy ‘lightning’ makeup and fishnets.




Chris Angel/David Blaine sort of spooky magician, with kohl lined eyes and chunky jewelry.

Even Amy Winehouse‘s beehive hairdo and winged eye would be super!

3. Turn to movies for inspiration – Avatar‘s blue bodies, Alice in Wonderland‘s Queen of hearts and Mad Hatter, Prince of Persia, Batman‘s Joker or Two Face.


Closer to home we have Action Replay’s retro theme, and we want to see at least someone attempting Rajinikanth’s look in Robot.

4. More costume ideas

For Girls: Gypsy, Catwoman, Greek Goddess, Queen of Hearts, Geisha, Marie Antoinette, Tomb Raider.
For Guys: Gladiator, Zombie, The Tudors, Pirate, Superman, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Terminator, Top Cop.


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