About Us

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The company

Capo is specialized in imaginative live communications; with the ability and comprehensive tailor-mades to deliver innovative and perception changing experiences. At Capo, we help brands narrate their stories efficiently and intensely through out of the box ideas and strategically engaging concepts. What sets us afar from most companies is our aptitude to create an stroke through, the use of both decorous and original communication course. With backgrounds in event management, psychology and multiple corresponding platforms; paired with a firm understanding of today’s cult, we understand what it takes to develop a successful brand.

AND IT HAPPENED… A While back …3 friends organized a community service campaign and beholden their identical harmony towards codifying events methodically. They took appalling dignity in everything they did, not even seriously nevertheless sincerely and passionately, concluding blastoff opening of their aboriginal venture ‘Casamientos – the wedding planner’ (www.casamientos.in). After a flourished foundation covering up to 13 projects in merely a couple of months, regarding a headlong organization, thither CAPO took birth… Capo soon rooted a reputation and dependability in the business as an energetic and innovative company, who not only knew how to create a noteworthy experience, but how to get the most from their clientele’s budgets. Over the time that information and experience has grown to propose a whole new range of skills from innovative designed ideas and advanced audio visual techniques, to extraordinary live events and celebrations.

Our philosophy

Everything we do is codified with passion, pride, fidelity, experience, wisdom and genuine creative elegance. And of course, plenty of love. It’s time to embrace the bizarre with capo Live.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. First of all, thank you for visiting El libro de Oro. I am a painter, but also the owner of Palacio de Portocarrero, an extraordinary monument which is ready to hold and organise any sort or event to the highest level. Please contact us for further information and have a look at it through internet. Also in facebook under palacio de portocarrero. The web page is under development. Thank you. +34 670882008

    • Hi elibrodeoro

      Thanks a lot for your message. We’ll surely contact you for further reference. Just leave us a link. Also, We are the Event planners in India active globally. If there’s any work related just let us know. You can visit our website for further services.

      Happy being connected to you 🙂

      Warm Regards
      Team Capo

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